Live the Lucky Life™ Custom Hair Sparkling Designs


Lucky Locks Indy What Are Lucky Locks™?

I am are over the moon excited about my partnership with Lucky Locks™ and bringing the lucky mood to Indy!
What are Lucky Locks™ exactly? They are fine silk based sparkle strands that are professionally tied to a single strand of your hair. I hide the sparkles into the hair so when the light hits just right, or you flip your hair just right they peek out to be noticed. Because they are silk, and not synthetic material they behave and can be treated just like your regular hair. The sparkles will last for anywhere from a day to a year… it sheds when the hair it’s attached to sheds.
What is it about these little bits of sparkle that drew me to partner with them? Luck. These little bits of magic remind us to notice all the little bits of luck that surround us on a day to day basis. When the hair sheds and the sparkle leaves you, you can think of it as making a wish. That energy stayed with you for a while, gathered what you needed and then shedded to go out and manifest your dreams.
With everything that I’ve been navigating with my diagnosis and malfunctions of my disease… I guess I needed as much as everyone to be reminded of the threads of luck that coexist with struggle. Lucky Locks™ spoke to me instantly, and I have been really enjoying seeing the joy and feeling of being lucky that the sparkles bring to our clients. Book your session today!

Who Doesn't Need a Little Luck? Be Part of the Magic

People around the world consider these magical strands lucky, so if you are seeking a daily charm or simply enjoy a little sparkle in your life, you’ve come to the right place!

Consider Lucky Locks™ Indy as a fun & unique service for in-store-events, parties, a surprise gift for a sparkle-lovin’ friend, to work in tandem with your make-up artist for a performance or wedding, to come into your office and sparkle-while-you-work…you name it. 


Pricing Life the Lucky Life™

Below is my pricing format for walk-in and individual sessions. Please contact me for pricing on events and travel bookings.

5 Strands for $15

10 Strands for $30

15 Strands for $45

20 Strands for $60

**Minimum Booked Appointment Session is 5 Strands (Thanks!). Additional or single Lucky Strands may be added on for $3/Lock.

Payments Accepted: Paypal, Venmo, Cash Only.

Book Your Sparkle Session! Available for Parties, Events, Photo Collabs & by Appt

I’m available for all your sparkling collabs! Book a Lucky Locks™ Indy Sparkler for private parties, corporate events, photography collaborations, weddings, and personal bookings.  Lucky Locks™ Indy is available for travel to your event, let’s chat and make some magic happen.